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In Loving Memory

Here we will post those who have passed that were an important part of our class and high school.  Please reach out if you have any new or additional information in regards to those who have passed on. Thank you.

Other Saints

Below is a list of those we have lost over the years, if you have any more information please reach out to us so we can update them!

Douglas Appel
William Blackburn
Cheryl Bloom
Judy Bott
Linda Braswell
Rosemary Brooks
Timothy Burns
Robert Burgess
Jeannie Capra
Todd Crandall
Roxanne DeSaverio
Bari Eitel
Steve Grisby
Hershel Gross
Bill Hawkins
Bruce Johnson
John Johnson

Greg Massey

Terry McCloskey
Eugene McCluggage
Leslie Melonakis
Connie Molholm
Robert Peek
Stephan Pietrafeso
Karen Reavis
Larry Reed
William Rule
Cyndy Saindon

Ron Stitt
Mike Stitt (Class of '67)

Larry Sandoval
Michael Shaffer
Alan Von Lintel
Reginald Weston
Debbie Wright

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