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Here are some messages that classmates have left for Saints to read during this pandemic.  If you would like to give us an update, say hello, leave words of encouragement--- please don't hesitate to reach out! Stay well and safe!

Deanna Leino, Business teacher 1968

Hi to all,

Am staying safe and sound in my prison; aka my home.  Trying to keep my mind active by doing word searches, puzzles and finding all sorts of things to do around the house to stay busy.  Hope to see all of you in the future.  Stay home.  Stay safe and wear a mask.


Steve Saunders

Hi!  Saw that our basketball and golf coach (and maybe science teacher) Ken King passed away recently. He was a good friend beyond a coach.


Dyann Bordner Berkey

Checking in to see if there is any information on Linda Cooksey.  Also Did Bill Rule pass?  I spent quite a bit of time with him at our 30th.


Phyllis Jojola Hardt

Hi Everyone,

Was looking forward to a Birthday Bash for all of those Saints turning 70 but oh well.... Happy Birthday to all of you.  Hope everyone is well and staying safe wherever you are.  Dale and I are doing well in upper Michigan and can't wait to get on the road again!!!!

Vicky Schchaud Dexter and Clinton Dexter

Hi Saints,

We are doing great!  Happy to hear you are all good.


Bev Marvel Popanda

My husband Rick is considered an essential worker with Toyota, so he's off to work every day.  For myself, I don't do much of anything.  LOL!!!  We did cautiously take a road trip last month to Omaha to see 4 of our grandchildren.  Of course we are missing 3 other grandchildren in Minnesota dearly!


Jackie Moore Peden  

Hello Everyone,

These last 6 months of quarantine somehow have gone by way too fast.  I had foot surgery March 3, so that doubly kept me inside with recovery.  Doug and I are doing well.  Do occasional outdoor safe distancing restaurants.  Watch way too much TV and Netflex.  Not feeling comfortable doing any flying or long distance car travels yet, so not being able to physically see our granddaughter and parents is "killing" us. Good thing though for FaceTime.  Glad our son is here in Denver.  Hope this finds everyone healthy and coping.

Joelle and Joe Bock

Hello everyone, 


We are still here in AZ and it has been the hottest summer on record.  We are theoretically in the monsoon season (rain and wind), but it has turned out to the non-soon season. NO rain, not a drop.  We are extremely dry and hot.  112 on the average since mid-June.


With this horrible virus, our lives are like so many others.  Grocery shopping and wearing masks.  We would like to get away, but it is too hot to travel within AZ.  Even going up north is a pain, so we stay in our yard and wait for fall, then we will venture out to other places in this beautiful state.  We are lucky to have a pool which helps with the heat.  Hopefully, next summer, we can ALL take a much-needed break.


My husband, Joe, and I have tried to keep ourselves busy.  I am an avid genealogist. I have our tree on and Family Tree Maker.  7500 people going back to the 3rd Century and I am working on a couple of others for friends.  Joe is still working, part-time for 4 med schools and he is an adjunct professor teaching at the Midwestern Univ. Vet school.  Most of it is through Zoom.  Also, reading has become a passion for me, and Joe and I do puzzles together.  Our volunteering at Children's Hospital has been curtailed until further notice.


Joe and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this Sept.  Where did the years go?


Gosh, I sincerely hope that you all are well.  Thanks for the invite to interact with everyone from the class of 1968.  Go Saints!!! 

Joe and Joelle 48 anniv. Tuzigoot.JPG
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